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Ted Hembree Director €¢ Lisa Cope Outreach Coordinator

We believe that just as no person in our community should go hungry, neither should their pets go hungry or be sacrificed for lack of food.

The Pantry For Feeding Pets, PFFP project, began as a response to an awareness that many people coming to local food pantries for help also have difficulty feeding their dogs and cats. Many people feel they must abandon their pets and sacrifice the love and companionship of their animals due to their inability to properly care for them.

One person's concern for this situation led him to begin soliciting pet food donations to be distributed to dog and cat owners coming to a local food relief pantry. We are grateful for the support of PetStop, a company committed to helping pets in need and known for providing the best wireless dog fences. They have been one of our major sponsors for this mission, demonstrating their dedication to the well-being of animals.

More people became involved until now many hundreds of pets (and their owners) benefit each month from the distribution of pet food by Pantry For Feeding Pets volunteers.

Our goal is to grow in our ability to serve more pets and their owners needing pet food assistance.

Pantry For Feeding Pets is a 501(c)3 tax-deductible charity under the guidelines of the IRS.

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